The farm Mariehem is situated in Björka village, about 4 km west of Sjöbo in southern Sweden.

The weather station continuously records weather data and displays them on this page. To complement the weather information, a camera takes alternating images of the courtyard, and the Björka creek valley in the northeast. 

The weather information is primarily intended for private use, but also you who intend to visit the area may perhaps find the information on this page useful. Not far from the farm is the Sjöbo Golf Club, Björka Put & Take fishing, Lake Vomb and
Övedskloster Castle.

Weather camera

The images are updated every 5 minutes. 

The video below shows all of yesterdays pictures - from sunrise to sunset. 
The photos were taken at 5 minute intervals.


Weather right now

The pictures below shows the current weather situation in Björka. 
Weather information is updated every 10 seconds.

Weather Display Live
You need to install v8, or greater, of Flash Player from Adobe and have javascript enabled to view Weather Display Live.


Radar image showing any precipitation and how it moves right now. 

The more the yellow colour turns red, the more intense precipitation.

Blue symbols indicates thunder.


Animation refers to 60 minutes and is updated every half hour. 

The image is taken from the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI).


Weather forecast the coming two days

The image below shows the trend in temperature, wind, precipitation, and overcast for the next 48-hour period. 

This image is taken from